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What's New?

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    All local businesses can now advertise their business for free under our "Local Business" section. Also local businesses who are looking to hire new employees may also list their classifieds for other future local employees to find.

  • In search of something? Find it under our "Buy & Sell" section. There you can find, buy and sell items; as well as rent properties and find rental properties. You may also list items you want to trade with others locally.

  • Find local school sports schedules and be able to listen to local sports radio through WBIW right on the page!

  • Stay up-to-date with upcoming events with our events calendar under our "Events" section!

  • Read original content added by locals just like you. Submit a story or thought of your own under our "News" section.

  • Keep in the loop with school cancellations under our "Education" section.

  • Need help finding the trash pick up schedule, find that and lots of other great info under our "Utilities" section.

What To expect!

  • Expect great things! Mitchell-IN.com will always be making new and better changes. All new listing such as new businesses, employment opportunities and events will be posted to this "What's New" section; also among their respected sections throughout the site. Our newest original stories and news, along with events, cancellations and other important info will also be listed here.

  • We will always be adding new features to the site and welcome suggestions from the community.

  • Every month we will be featuring a new local business and a local resident. Do you know a local resident who helps out, or goes the extra mile? Feel free to submit local residents at our "News->Submit" section.

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There are two ways to both view and navigate this site.

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Desktop view occurs when the viewer is using a desktop or lap top computer. At the top of ever page you will find a navigation bar. Move you cursor over an option (ex: "About Mitchell") this will expand that option into sub categories. You may select "About Mitchell" to access that page or one of its sub categories. Sub categories with a ">" symbol will also expand further when the user moves their cursor over the ">" symbol.

2. Mobile view

Mobile view occurs when a user is using a mobile smartphone. In the top left hand corner of you smartphones screen you will notice three horizontal brown lines stacked vertically. By tapping these lines you will access a mobile navigation menu. Here you may click a category or click a "+" symbol. The "+" symbol will expand a option into sub categories. By tapping a "-" that category will return to it's previous state. 

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