Mitchell Water Department

We welcome you as a new customer for the Mitchell Water and Sewer Department. It is important to us that you find your move as easy as possible and we hope to help you make the transition with ease.
Our business office is open Monday – Friday from 8:00a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Employees do not take calls on holidays or weekends. In case of an extreme emergency; we encourage you to contact the police department.
When you are ready and desire water services please visit our local office located at 407 S. 6th street. There is a $100.00 deposit required prior to us beginning your service. The deposit will be refunded to you once your final bill has been paid. You can expect your bill on the first day of each month. If you fail to receive your bill within a few business days please contact our office and we will be happy to give you a duplicate copy.
Payment is expected by the end of business on the 15th of every month. A penalty will be added  and a delinquent notice will be served. If you fail to make a payment or payment arrangements by the 15th; we will have no other choice but to disconnect your service. Once service is interrupted; you will have an additional $15.00 reconnect fee in addition to your bill.
If your check is returned a collection fee of $28.00 plus a $6.00 bank fee will be charged to your account.  We are anxious to serve you in a pleasant and efficient manner. If you find that you have any additional questions or comments regarding our service please contact us directly at 812-849-4168.
We accept Visa / Master Card / Discover ($1.00 convenience charge)

Mitchell Street Department

Trash Pick-Up Schedule:
Monday: West Side

Tuesday: East Side

Wednesday: Junk/Bush

Thursday: West Side

Friday: East Side
The dividing line is the North/South Railroad tracks (5th St.)
Please put all trash in garbage bags and place at the front of your property line.

Yard Trimmings:
The City will pick up small limbs, grass, and weeds on Wednesdays. Call 849-4168 for Wednesday pick-up.

Mitchell Parks Department

City Pool

Open daily noon to 6:00 PM each day school is out
Adults:               $2.00         per day
Children:           $1.50         per day
Water Slide:      free  
Pool Pass:         $25.00       single
Pool Pass:         $100.00     (Family)
Pool's phone number is 849-2535

Evening Pool Parties are available.  Fees vary based on requirement.

The shelter house may NOT be rented. First - come first serve..

Community Building: Entire building only. May not be split. Fee ($150 plus $100 refundable deposit).

Contact: Clerk's office: (812) 849-3831 for more information.
We are very proud of our award winning Mitchell Memorial Playground.  This was truly a community effort. It was designed by Leathers & Associates after meeting with our youth and gathering ideas about what our children wanted and then built by volunteers in a week.  It was truly a challenge but the many volunteers proved that they where up to the challenge and built something that we can all be proud of.

City of Mitchell Transit

Our buses are Handicap Accessible.
Please be aware that all wheelchairs will be secured.
Service animals are permitted
If you have any questions or would like more information about the city bus service please call the Transit Coordinator at (812) 849-5161
Service Hours
Monday thru Friday
7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
No Service on weekends
or Major Holidays.

Regular bus fares: $.75
Older Adults (65+) and People with disabilities: $.50                               
Children 3 and under ride free
when accompanied by an adult.
About Us
On May 17, 1982 City Of Mitchell Transit initiated service to the Mitchell Community. Mitchell transit is a City wide public transportation service funded by city, state, and federal funds. Mitchell Transit provides an economic transportation alternative to the citizens of Mitchell. We are here to provide transportation to anyone in the city. Take a ride on the city bus for doctor appointments, grocery shopping, shopping, post office, library, bill paying, schools, anywhere in the city limits you need, or want to go. Why drive when we are here, getting you where you need to go? 

We offer on demand door to door service.
The driver is not permitted to enter a residence or building. An escort or personal care attendant may accompany you at no charge. The driver is trained in passenger assistance and will secure all wheelchairs and help secure packages and assist with seatbelts if needed. Riders are requested to limit carry-on bags to 5 paper or 10 plastic bags. Bags must be small enough not to obstruct other riders and stored out of the aisles. It is the responsibility of the rider or his/her attendant to load and unload bags. Drivers will assist if necessary.

Scheduling a ride
Mitchell Transit operates on demand, similar to a taxi service. To ride the bus please call the dispatch office at (812) 849-2151. Tell the dispatcher where you are, where you want to go and when you want to be picked up. Please call one hour before you would like to arrive at your destination, to ensure enough time for the driver to accommodate your trip.  
Hearing impaired persons can call the Indiana Relay Service at 711 or (317) 334-1413 for assistance in scheduling trips.
Please let us know if you have special needs such as if you are traveling in a wheelchair, with an attendant, service-animal, portable oxygen tank or respirator, etc.

Seatbelts must be worn at all times while the vehicle is in motion. Passengers must remain seated with seatbelts fastened until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.
All wheelchairs must be secured.
Children less than 4-years old or 40-lbs. must be secured in a car seat.  Children between the ages of 4 and 8-years old and less than 4'9" must use a booster seat.  Car and booster seats are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Riders are requested to limit carry-on bags to 5 paper or 10 plastic bags. Bags must be small enough not to obstruct other riders and stored out of the aisles. It is the responsibility of the rider or his/her attendant to load and unload bags. Drivers will assist if necessary.

Our service is shared ride. We expect you to be   respectful and courteous to others. Please do not eat, drink, chew tobacco, play loud music, engage in loud conversation, curse, or touch or disturb others on the bus.

No smoking is permitted on the vehicle.
No open containers of alcohol are permitted on the vehicle.
Passengers must pay proper fares to ride.
Seatbelts must be worn at all times.
Hazardous materials will not be allowed on the bus; batteries, gasoline cans, etc.
Passengers must keep feet and belongings clear of the aisles and emergency exits.
Illegal acts, threats or acts of physical violence will not be tolerated. MITCHELL TRANSIT will contact law enforcement for assistance in threatening situations.
Any rider who poses a “direct threat” to the health or safety of others will be denied service.

Mitchell Cemetery

Mitchell gets many compliments on its cemetery for how well it is maintained and how beautiful it is.  Mike Bowling the Caretaker and his crew do a wonderful job of maintaining the cemetery and the citizens also take great pride in our cemetery. 
There are rules that need to be followed so the workers can continue to do the excellent job they do now. We ask that you please follow them:
(A) Flowers, decorations, or any other objects interfering with the mowing operation will not be permitted between April 1 and October 1 of each year, except for a period of seven days prior to and seven days following Memorial Day of each year. Caretakers shall remove any flowers or any other objects remaining on the ground.

(B) Theft and vandalism shall be reported immediately and violators shall be prosecuted.

(C) The speed limit for automobiles shall be 15 miles per hour. Motorcycles, motor scooters, motor bikes, three-wheel and four-wheel and multi-wheel all terrain vehicles (A.T.V.’s) shall not be permitted in the cemetery.

(D) The number of shepherd hooks be limited to two per tombstone, regardless of the number of persons buried whom are represented by that tombstone, same to be placed on either end of the tombstone. (In other words, if a single grave with one tombstone, two shepherd hooks shall be allowed, one on either end of the tombstone. If a double grave with one tombstone with the names of two deceased parties, two shepherd hooks shall be allowed, one on either end of the tombstone. If a triple or quadruple grave or so on, represented by one tombstone, there shall be two shepherd hooks allowed, one on either end of the tombstone or one large ornamental hook.)

(E) There shall be one solar powered or eternal light allowed per grave site.

(F) That the burial lot must be paid for in full before a headstone is allowed to be places on the lot.

(G) Planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, grass or other type of plant, weed or vegetation shall be prohibited.

(H) Lawn ornaments will not be permitted in the cemetery during the April 1 to October 1 mowing season each year.

(I) Pipes shall not be driven into the ground and used as flower holders.

(J) Flower boxes or other types of containers are not permitted on the ground during the April 1 to October 1 mowing season. They will be allowed if placed on concrete pads and placed close to the headstone or footstone in such a manner as to not interfere with mowing. Furthermore, they shall be properly maintained by the owner.

(K) Grave blankets may be placed on graves beginning November 15 and must be removed by March 1.

(L) Neither the cemetery nor the city shall be responsible for items placed in the cemetery which may become lost, stolen or damaged.

(M) Two weeks prior to the mowing season, a notice shall be printed in the local papers. All items not removed within the time frame will be collected by cemetery personnel and may be picked up at the cemetery building within 14 days.

(N) Nothing in these rules shall be construed as to prohibiting headstones or footstones or other approved grave markers. These rules shall in no manner prohibit the cemetery from planting items or making necessary improvements as seen fit. The cemetery caretaker shall reserve the right to remove any items or take whatever measures are necessary to enforce these rules.

(O) It is recommended that items places in the cemetery have the owner’s name and phone number as well ast the grave information on them if at all possible. This aids in replacing items dislocated by wind as well as providing contact information to resolve a problem.

(P) Individual families can mow individual lots where members of family are buried provided no other member of the family objects thereto and provided further that any person so mowing their individual lot shall be solely responsible for any and all damages or injuries which they might sustain thereby. In addition they shall be solely responsible for any damage or injury to any other person or to any property which might be caused through their actions, lawnmower or weedeater and shall save the city harmless therefrom.

(A) The sale price for cemetery lots consisting of one grave site shall continue to be $375 (in addition to the fee for opening and closing as set forth below.

(B) The funeral home, mortuary, or other person in charge of arranging a burial shall continue to be solely responsible for paying for the opening and closing of the grave. Such fees for opening and closing of a grave shall be as follows:
(C) Fee for opening and closing of grave on Monday - Friday is $375,, Saturday - Sunday is $500, and Holiday is $500..

(1) Fee for opening and closing of grave of anyone other than a baby whose casket and vault are under four feet in length - $375.

(2) Fee for opening and closing of a grave of a baby whose casket is under four feet in length - $200.

(3) Fee for opening and closing remains that have been cremated and are in container smaller than an adult casket - $200.

(C) Twenty-five dollars from the sale of each cemetery plot consisting of one grave shall be paid over into the perpetual care fund of the cemetery.

(D) Fifty dollars from the charge for opening and closing the grave shall be paid over into the perpetual care fund of the cemetery.

(E) The principal of these funds shall be invested as allowed per law for all other city funds. The interest received from such investment shall be used for the general operating expenses of the cemetery.

(F) (1) In addition, the city shall charge $25 as a transfer fee for:

(a) Each requested transfer or exchange of a lot from one owner to someone else. If a person wished to transfer or exchange two lots, there shall be a transfer fee of $50 ($25 per lot).

(b) If two lots are being exchanged, there shall be a $25 charge for each lot exchanged each time an exchange is requested.

(2) This $25 fee transfer shall be paid into the general fund to compensate the city for the Clerk-Treasurer’s time in researching ownership of such cemetery lot.


All burials shall include a concrete, steel or other material of equal value, box or vault, if approved by the Mayor and/or Sexton. No wooden boxes or vault will be allowed.


(A) Area set aside for pauper burials shall be designated as needed by the Mayor and/or Sexton.

(B) All burials will be made in succession according to time of burial. No skipping space or row shall be allowed.

(C) The nearest family member or executor or administrator of the estate will be obligated to submit in writing proof of inability to pay for burial space. If such notification is not in Clerk-Treasurer's office within 30 days, the city shall reserve the right to file claim against the estate.

(D) Pauper burials in the Mitchell Cemetery shall be limited to residents of the Mitchell School District (Marion Township) and to no other persons except as may be approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety of the city.